*are you ready to optimize your potential

with an integral coach®?

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  • Integral coaching® refers to a well balanced, ongoing, multi perspective and multidimensional method

  • This method takes into account the mind, heart and body

  • With Marie-C. Labbé as your Integral coach®, you will identify your strengths and will know how to transcend your blockages

  • Through a 4-6 month coaching program, you will have access to new perspectives

  • You will have more clarity in choices to be made (personal, professional, relational levels)

  • You could develop/practice Authentic communication

  • You will identify core strengths and how to best leverage them

  • You will work on building Self-trust

  • You will have a fresh perspective on a situation

There is an unlimited abundance
in the possibility of Coaching topics

*How does Integral coaching®work?

  • This method includes solid frameworks and developmental principles (see the section Detailed process section for details).

  • Integral coaching® is intended to be one of the most comprehensive and complete tools in human/adult development.

  • A coaching program typically takes place on a period of 4-6 months, weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your topic or goal

*It uses the Integral model developed by american philosopher Ken Wilber, incorporated and adapted for coaching by Integral Coaching Canada.